Peter Askew

Domain name addict [developer]

I love domain names. I enjoy buying them and building niche businesses that focus on purpose over profit.

I sometimes write. Poorly? meh. I wrote an article about onions that folks on Hacker News liked, so I got that going for me.

I'm an Ole Miss Rebel, I'll pet cats if I see them, and I'd rather spend a day in western North Carolina than most other places.

🏀 📽️ 🖥️ 🔗 ⚫com 🤠 🧅 🎂 ❄️ 🦘 🧘

me in an article: 📰
The Dot-Com Don: Meet the Domain Prospector Turning Stray URLs Into Real Businesses

me on a podcast: 🎙️
Building web businesses with Peter Askew – DNW Podcast #163

me in my ears: 🎶
Spotify playlist

And I support Derek Moreton for President.

"it doesn't have to make sense, it just has to help people and make 'em happy"